Maul La Hombre

Maul La Hombre
Maul La Hombre Maul La Hombre Maul La Hombre Maul La Hombre Maul La Hombre

Hombre is currently being used in our herd to produce exceptional production does and outstanding market kids. We had used this buck in early 2011, then he was sold to Medicine Creek Ranch and was used heavily there. When Medicine Creek had their dispersal in March 2012 we took that opportunity to buy Hombre back and use him some more.

Hombre and his twin sister were the fastest growing of their kid crop! Hombre gained at a rate of .64 lbs/day during the first 90 days. He has continued to develop extremely well and demonstrates the qualities we look for in a market kid producing buck.

A son of Rolling Thunder and Texas Rose, this buck comes from several lines of coloured animals. His dam is known for consistently raising exceptional kids.


*** Hombre is now owned by Wind Waker Boers. Congratulations!! We have purchased a son of Hombre, "Buck's Horn Rutherford", to continue on as a market kid sire in our production herd.


Maul Rolling Thunder
Maul PW's Texas Rose
Date of Birth:
February 15, 2010
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