We appreciate all of our customers!
Thank-you to the Confident buyers of 2016:
Trinidad Export Shipment ~ 5 Herd Sires and 8 Young Purebred Breeding Females.
Susan Hill, Lily Rock Goats ~ New Herdsire by Flash N' Chrome out of Pryme Sexy Time
Laura Smith, Bentley AB ~ 3 New Herdsires and 2 Future Herd Does
Bundy Livestock, SK ~ 2 New Future Herd Does
Alex Boivin & Jessica Tanguay ~ Buck Kid by Flash N'Chrome and out of Chelsea 4EX! And 2 future herd does.
Ryan Campbell, ON ~ Mature Herdsire "Pryme Fire Hazard"
Geoff Hodgson, ON ~ Returned to purchase his new purebred herdsire!
Thank-you to our wonderfull Customers of 2015:

Lise & Julien Brais, St-Joseph, MB ~ Pryme Sunny and 75, beautiful young herd sire.

Josh Ruppert, Skylark Stables, Harriston, ON ~ Pryme Hang em' High, really hardy young buck.

Tiffany Drong, Goats in Motion, Troy, ON ~ Pryme Smoke on the Water, fancy young buck.

Springvalley Boers, Hagersville, ON ~ Pryme SVB Mile High Club, beautiful show prospect doeling.

The Grevelling Family, Brighton, ON ~ Hardy 2015 Crossbred Commercial Buck Kid

Springvalley Boers, Hagersville, ON ~ Returned to purchase some standouts from the heart of our herd! Congratulations and Thank-you! Pryme Forbidden Pleasures, Pryme Shake It For Me, Pryme Eggstra Good, and Du Biquet Capucine now reside at Springvalley.

Helen McRae ~ Two of our lead herd sires in the market kid program. 'Hank' and '999' are now working for Helen in her commercial herd.

Ruth Ryckman and Dave Nicholson, Warkworth, ON ~ 10 Top Commercial Does. Thank-you for your continued trust in our stock!

John Begg, Campbellford, ON ~ 5 Commercial Crossbred Does.

Tyler Welsh, Oil Springs, ON ~ Choice Commercial Doeling and some beautiful Dorper ewe lambs!

Brian Pallant and Family, Prince Edward County, ON ~ 4 Purebred Nubian Does and a Commercial Boer buck.

Russell Sutherland and Family ~ Returned to add Two Commercial Does and a Commercial Buck to their growing herd. Thank-You!

Peyten Bucknell ~ A commercial doeling for her 2015 show project goat. Good Luck!

DJ's Dymond Acres ~ Returned to purchase some of our lead herd does. Thank-you for your continued trust in our stock! Pryme Strawberry Wine, Pryme Cinderella Story, Pryme Causin' Commotion, Pryme Hot N' Steamy, Du Biquet Heritage, Pryme Best You Ever Had, and Chevrefleurs Michlouche have moved north with the Pipe family!!

Alana Sluiman, Eganville, ON ~ Purchased 3 strong does from our program. Among them is show winner Pryme Victoria's Secret!

Antoon Romme and Family, Norwich, ON ~ Purchased 126 Head from us this year! Which included commercial does, commercial doelings, and one of our lead herd sires Pryme Ruger's Double Jeopardy! Thank-you and Best Wishes!

Ryan Campbell and Family, Warkworth, ON ~ Purchased 20 of our top Commercial Does! Welcome to the meat goat industry!

Prinzhaven Farms, Wellington, ON ~ 6 Pregnant Yearling Does to start their meat goat herd! Thank-you and Best Wishes!

Les Bisson, Manitoba ~ Two of our Main Herd Sires - DGBG Dancing Bull and Pryme Aftershock!!

Kyle Ritz, Ontario ~ A super nice group of 12 mature purebred does. All bred to EGGS Eggstra Flash N' Chrome. Congratulations!

Sincere Thank-You to our Customers of 2014:

EastGen, Guelph, ON ~ 'Pryme Shoot Shovel N' SHHH', a really neat young buck by Flash N' Chrome and out of a Carel 2EX granddaughter!
Helle Fisher, Rockfield Boers, Kilbride,ON ~ 3 Solid Commercial Doelings sired by Bucks Horn Rutherford!
Geoff Hodgson ~ Commercial Boer Buck.
Janet Rhude and Family, ON ~ A great little starter herd package of commercial doelings.
Nadine Smith, Croton, ON ~ A really nice % daughter of Maul La Hombre and a fancy little commercial doeling. Happy to see these two quality doe kids in your hands Nadine!
Roy Buerman, ON ~ Two typey % doelings sired by Pryme Aftershock.
DJ's Dymond Acres, ON ~ A purebred daughter of Dancing Bull and a Purebred Duaghter of Poseidon. Thank-you for your continued trust Donald and Jocelyn!
Helle and Paul Fisher of Rockfield Boers, Kilbride, ON ~ A fancy % doeling by Pryme Aftershock, A growthy commercial doeling, and two really nice purebred doe kids from our new import bucks. Your return business is sincerely appreciated!
Laurie Stamm, BC ~ A growthy and rugged son of Poseidon and a % doeling by Pryme Aftershock.
Ruth Ryckman and Dave Nicholson, Warkworth, ON ~ A stout made, muscled up young purebred buck by Dancing Bull.
Mahna Farms, Bancroft, ON ~ A thrifty commercial buck with tons of Kiko influence. This farm is producing excellent Chevon!
Todd Zeller & Family of Beatles Boers, SK ~ The #1 high selling choice in the 2014 SYH Sale and that choice was an awesome purebred buck sired by Dancing Bull and out of Gratify Me!! Beatles Boers also added a second stellar buck, three hardy commercial doelings, and two sought after purebred doelings. What a package of goats and we wish you all the best with them!
Nicky Moody and Family, BC ~ An extremely well bred purebred buck by Poseidon and out of a Yankee Doodle EX daughter from our Kindred Tazu doe family. Great Choice!
South 50 Farms, Port Hope, ON ~ Two commercial Bucks
JE Ranch Inc., Holdfast, SK ~ 6 Breeding Bucks from a nice solid cross-section of our genetics. Best of luck as you diversify and build your program!
Peter & Amy Vingerhoeds and Family ~ "Pryme Born Royalty", a muscular son of Dancing Bull! Congratulations on your new herd sire!
Treeline Boers, Wooler, ON ~ "Pryme Bad Mama Jama", a really flashy Poseidon son with a ton of style!
Fermes Galiman, Andre Lussier , Saint Hyacinthe, QC ~ "Pryme Talk Is Cheap", a beautiful and productive traditional purebred doe bred to one of our new imports. This doe was featured in the SGBA Production Sale. Merci Beaucoup!
Cher-lynn Acres, Little Britain, ON ~ A commercial doeling and two Market bucks
Nadine Smith, Croton, ON ~ Returned to purchase "Pryme Red High Heels" who was the 2014 Jr. Champion Commercial Doeling sired by Graphic Content.
Springvalley Boers, Hagersville, ON ~ Purchased a really hot doeling "Pryme Mile High Club" who is out of Style to Burn!!!
Alan Cole, Tweed, ON ~ 18 Commercial Doelings from a variety of sires and a super Commercial Buck sired by Poseidon. Best Wishes as you expand your meat operation!
Hats off to our 2013 Clients, we appreciate you all:
EastGen ~ Guelph, ON ~ Congratulations on joining forces with us as partners in "EGGS Eggstra Flash N' Chrome!"
Shay & Laurie Fries, SLF Ranch, Edgerton, AB ~ Two outstanding young bucks: A standout Flash son from a double bred EX dam, and a hardy muscular paint buck by Hombre. An awesome combination to put to work out west!
Terry and Brenda McNeely, Lindsay,ON ~ Purebred buck kid by Flash and out of Du Biquet Pigale 2EX!
Amanda Wells & Allan Fortner, Medway Boer Goats, Arva, ON ~ A son of Shot to continue to build their program. This buck marks the 5th buck Medway has used from our genetics. Congratulations!
Nadine Smith, Croton, ON ~ A purebred Flash/Tiffanie doeling and a percentage daughter of Rutherford!
Treeline Boers, Wooler, ON ~ A purebred doeling by Du Biquet Cappucino and out of a flashy paint doe.
Trudy Derksen, La Crete, AB ~ A muscled up Flash son from our hardy and productive Kindred Tazu line!
Cheyenne & Melissa Lebow, Frankford, ON ~ A growthy market kid sire by Hombre and out of a hard working dam line from our production herd.
Kyle Ritz, Dublin, ON ~ A top pedigreed buck by Flash and out of Du Biquet Pigale 2EX!
Helle Fisher, Rockfield Boers, Kilbride, ON ~ A fancy Shot son out of our ever productive Du Biquet Tabourine line! Congratulations!
SpringValley Boer Goats, Hagersville, ON ~ A superb doe kid by Shot and out of a herd favourite Pryme Devil's Design. Watch for this kid! Also heading to Springvalley is an impressive buck by Flash with that 'Flash' Stamp all over him!
Debbie & Donald Maclachlan, Nipissing, ON ~ Returned to purchase five purebred Shot daughters, one Flash daughter and six % doelings! What a super group of prospects to put Flashpoint on!
Debbie & Donald Maclachlan, Nipissing, ON ~ 'Pryme Flashpoint' and % doeling 'Pryme Ultimate Distraction'.
High Octane Boer Goats, Trent Hills, ON ~ Share Your Herd Sale 1st pick on Choice, and they chose a hot Tabourine/Shot doe kid!
High Octane Boer Goats, Trent Hills, ON ~ A beautiful paint Shot daughter out of Chelsea 3EX!
St. John Boer Goats, Sk ~ Shot daughter out of Capucine EX! Also making the trip to Saskatchewan is two Flash daughters to keep your eye on!
Venture 2 Boer Goats, SK ~ Two Flash daughters from a pair of Yankee Doodle EX daughters! Great herd building does!
DJ's Dymond Acres, New Liskeard, ON ~ An awesome trio of purebred doe kids by Flash, Shot, and Pryme Final Statement.
Mahna Farms, Bancroft, ON ~ Two Commercial doe kids sure to make excellent production does.
Harry Dalla, Mono, ON ~ 'Buck's Horn Rutherford'
The Vanderploeg Family, Carrying Place, ON ~ A hefty commercial buck by Flash and out of Pryme Scandalous!
A sincere 'Thank-You' to our 2012 clients:
Treeline Boers, Wooler, ON ~ 'Pryme Big Bang Theory', just an all around awesome 'Flash' kid! Congratulations!!
Little Rock Farm, Kingston, ON ~ A purebred Nubian doe in kid to 'Hombre'. She produced a set of triplets at her new farm, two does and a buck!
Mahna Farms, Bancroft, ON ~ Purchased Du Biquet Showgirl VG86 with a confirmed breeding to 'Flash'!
Pat Kerr, Wind Waker Boers, Kincardine, ON ~ Thank-you sincerely Pat for your return business in purchasing Du Biquet Calinour, Du Biquet Gamelin, and Pryme Shake It Mama! These does sell with breedings to 'Flash' and 'Shot'!! In addition to these outstanding Boer does, Wind Waker also purchased two productive Nubian does from our production herd.
Alan Cole, Madoc, ON ~ "Pryme Loaded Dice", stout, muscular young buck by 'Red Tailed Tooter'!
Jason Boersma, Mount Brydges, ON ~ "Pryme Gravy Train", an awesome young buck by 'Red Tailed Tooter'!
Pat Kerr, Wind Waker Boers, Kincardine, ON ~ Has purchased "Stonemoore Until" EX and "Maul La Hombre". Two great animals that have proven themselves as producers of great stock!! Until sells with a breeding to 'Shot'. Congratulations!
Empire Farms, King City, ON ~ Returned to purchase two 2012 doelings as well as an outstanding buck kid from Shot "Pryme 'Cause The Chicks Dig It".
High Octane Boer Goats, Stratford, On ~ Returned to purchase 'Pryme Odds Are On Me'. A really neat 'V8' daughter! Enjoy this great yearling!
Donald & Jocelyn Pipe, DJ's Dymond Acres, New Liskeard, ON ~ "Pryme Flashy Bandit" super buck kid by 'Flash'.
Melanie Dick, Pleasantview Farm, Douglas, ON ~ "Pryme Due Dilgence", great looking buck kid by 'Red Tailed Tooter'.
Russell Sutherland & Family ~ Purebred buck kid by 'Shot' to cross on the percentage doe kids he purchased from us earliar in the year.
Pat Kerr, Wind Waker Boers, Kincardine, ON ~ "Pryme Wicked Red Dress", percentage doe from our 'Sable' line and sired by Maul La Hombre.
Reza Nezami, Empire Farms, King City, ON ~ "Pryme Angel of the Morning", a very prestigious doe kid out of Tabourine and sired by 'Red Tailed Tooter'. Congratulations Reza!
Anna Haupt-Mccutcheon & Mark Mccutcheon, Hagersville, ON ~ Purchased an awesome buck kid to cross on their new doelings. Congratulations on your acquisition of "Pryme Bred To Be Somebody" (by Red Tailed Tooter and out of Du Biquet Tabourine!!!)
High Octane Boer Goats, Stratford, ON ~ "Pryme Packin' Heat", a super solid red doe kid by 'Red Tailed Tooter'! Wishing you every success with this young doe and thank-you for your return business and belief in our genetics!
Medway Boer Goats, London, ON ~ "Pryme Graphic Content", an exciting red buck kid by 'Red Tailed Tooter'! Congratulations and we appreciate your return herd sire purchase! Also, congratulations on your purchase of "Pryme Makin' A Scene", a 'Flash' daughter!
Josh Munro, Aftershock Boer Ranch, Embro, ON ~ Pryme Sinful Pleasures
Ryder & Sheri Osmond, Ashern, MB ~ Market kid Sire by our 2011 National Champion Buck 'Pryme Investment'
C2 Ranch, Robert & Arlene Abbe, Anahim, B.C. ~ Purebred buck kid "Pryme Crowd Pleaser" sired by 'Rowdy Mtns. Big Block V8'
Anna Haupt-Mccutcheon  & Mark Mccutcheon, Hagersville, ON ~ Purchased an outstanding group of 7 percentage doe kids from a variety of our 2011 herd sires including a super young doe kid by 2011 CMGA Show Champion Buck 'Pryme G-Spot'.
Russell Sutherland & Family ~ 3 percentage doe kids from 'ACR Tarzan's GS Yankee Doodle' EX
High Octane Boer Goats, Stratford, ON ~ Two purebred doe kids; "Pryme Red Hot Asset" and "Pryme Invest In The Best", both sired by 'Pryme Investment'.
Patricia Kerr, Kinkardin, ON ~ Market Kid Sire by 'Maul LaHombre' and percentage doeling "Pryme Tell Me No Lies"
Geoff Hodgson ~ Market Kid Sire by 'Maul La Hombre'
Fritz & Silvia Meier, Fraserville, ON ~ Sept. 2011 Yankee Doodle Buck kid "Pryme Rebel Yankee"
Thank-You to those making purchases from us in 2011:
Oleander Farm, Ilderton, ON ~ Purebred doe herd from Buck's Horn Boers, a beautiful package of does that we were happy to act as agents on.
Craig and Landon Spokowski, Calico Creek Boers, Yorkton, SK ~ 3 percentage boer does from the BHB herd, including "Pryme Sinful Thoughts".
Staveley Farms, St. Anicet, QC ~ "ACR Magician", imported buck from the BHB herd.
Double S Boers, Brockville, ON ~ "Rowdy Mtns. 549", imported buck from the BHB herd.
Derek Jeffs, Campbellford, ON ~ Market kid sire out of 'Stonemoore Ultima'
High Octane Boers, Stratford, ON ~ "Essandea Snoopy"
Staveley Farms, St. Anicet, QC ~ "Stonemoore Topaz" with a breeding to Rowdy Mtns. Dancing King!
Mr. Barreiro, Toronto, ON ~ 2 Commercial Does and a purebred Boer Buck Kid
Tammy DeJong, Chesterville, ON ~ 3 Purebred Nubians, 2 Percentage Boer Doelings, and 1 Commercial Doe. Tammy is also the new owner of "Buck's Horn Double Agent", fantastic young herd sire.
The VanderPloeg Family, Carrying Place, ON ~ Paint Buck Kid, market kid sire out of Stonemoore Toffee
High Octane Boer Goats, Stratford, ON ~ Buck's Horn Racy Rumours, yearling doe.
Mahna Farms, Bancroft, ON ~ 'Pryme Sin City' and 'Pryme Blondes Do Have More Fun'
Krista Kremer, Medicine Creek Ranch, Scotland, ON ~ 'Pryme Judgement Day' and 'Maul La Hombre'. And Krista returned to purchase 'Rowdy Mtns. Dancing King'
Candice Gunter, Codrington, ON ~ A pair of fresh Saanen does
Allan Fortner and Amanda Wells, Arva, ON ~ 'Pryme After Shock'
Ryder and Sheri Osmond, Ashern, Manitoba ~ 'Pryme Devil Made Me Do It'
Jerry and Crystal Slater, Unity, Saskatchewan ~ 'Pryme All About the Booty', 'Pryme Im Just Like You Only Prettier', 'Pryme You Wanna Be Me', 'Pryme Centerfold', 'Pryme Its Better to Be Me', 'Pryme Double Your Money', 'Pryme Whiskey Girl', 'Buck's Horn Pryme Indulgence'
Krista Kremer ~ Returned to purchase two fabulous doe kids; "Pryme Some Girls Got It" and "Pryme Private Party"
Kyle Ritz, Dublin,ON ~ 'Pryme Smooth Operator'
Cameron's Boer Goats, Cardinal,ON ~ 'Pryme Colour You Envious'
Amanda Wells & Allan Fortner, Arva,ON ~ 'Pryme Final Statement' and 'Pryme Triple Threat'
Ian & Barb Clark, Shellbrook, Sk ~ 'Pryme Investment'
Derrick Keeping, Ayton, ON ~ 'Du Biquet Powertrip'
Katlyn Wood, Bloomfield, ON ~  'Pryme Law Enforcement'
Ken & Cindy Lischka, Venture 2 Boer Goats, Steelman, SK ~ 'Pryme G-Spot'
High Octane Boer Goats & Josh Munro, ON ~ 'Rowdy Mtns. Big Block V8'
Reza Nezami ~ 'DuSillon Playgirl' (bred to Yankee Doodle)
Krista Kremer, Medicine Creek Ranch, Scotland, ON ~ 3 Purebred Doelings; Pryme Lady of the Dance, Pryme Dancing Girl, Pryme Pretty is as Pretty Does
Thank-You to those who purchased from us in 2010:
Ken & Cathie Smith, Smithview Farm, Lakefield, ON ~ Sugarfield the Texan and three percentage Boer does.
Big Boer Ranch, Innerkip,ON ~ Two kalahari Purebred Boer does in kid to Texan.
The Van Drie Family, Brighton, ON ~ Commercial Doe in kid to Texan
Shannon Thurston & Kevin Stavely, Stavely Farms, St. Anicet, QC ~ Purebred Buck Kid out of DuSillon Mandy!
Shannon Crow, Wiarton, ON ~ Two purebred doe kids, a 7/8 doe kid out of 'Stonemoore Ultima', and two percentage doe kids.
Tracy Juraske & TIm Case, Naquabi Boers, Palgrave, ON ~ Purebred Buck kid out of 'Chevroie Chelsea!
Musau Paulos, Paulos Farms, Dundalk, ON ~ Purebred Buck Kid by the Texan.
Kirsten Potvin & Ron Cundy, Wholesome Haven Ranch, Ravenna, ON ~ Purebred Boer Doe kid by the Texan.
Donald & Jocelyn Pipe, DJ's Dymond Acres, New Liskeard, ON ~ Sugarfield Unsung Hero, sold on behalf of Bucks Horn Boers.
High Octane Boer Goats, Stratford, ON ~ Percentage doe kid by the Texan.
Mary Beckford, Marmora, ON ~ Shadow Vale Terrain's Merciful
Thank-You to those who purchased from us in 2009:
Preston & Bonnie Cameron, Camerons Boer Goats, Cardinal, ON ~ Four Mature Purebred Boer Does.
Brian & Sherry Hasler, Flinton,ON ~ Two 2009 boer doelings and two mature does.
John & Susan Vincent, Picton,ON ~ Purebred Boer Buck kid.
Buck's Horn Boers, Wooler,ON ~ Three purebred Boer doelings.
Krista Kremer,Medicine Creek Ranch,Scotland,ON ~ Purebred Kalahari Boer Buck.
J Bar T Ranch, Brockville,ON ~ Two mature percentage Boer does.
Double S Boers, Brockville,ON ~ Three purebred Boer doelings and three mature purebred Boer does.
Bittersweet Farms, Huntsville,ON ~ Two mature purebred Boer does and a purebred doeling.
Dave Nicholson & Ruth Ryckman, Warkworth,ON ~ Two percentage doelings and three mature percentage does.
Gary & Marilyn Cross, Gananoque,ON ~ Purebred Boer buck kid.