Pryme Boers - Breeding/Kidding Schedule

Updated Dec. 30th, 2016

The chart below will give our clients an idea of which bucks we used for our 2015 kidding season and how many does are expected to kid to each of them.

2017 Kidding will begin around April 1st, 2017.


Name of Sire Purebred Reg'd Does Bred Percentage Reg'd Does BredCommercial Crossbred Does Bred
Pryme Cowboys and Angels

- Pryme Sexy Time

- Cocoa Karen

- Pryme Kiss My Asset

- Pryme Big City Girl

- Pryme Style to Burn

- Pryme Georgia Peaches

- Pryme Give it to Me Baby

- Pryme Straight Tequila Night

- Pryme Read My Lips

- Pryme Chelsea's Takin' Names

- Pryme Black Tie Affair

- Pryme Double Your Pleasure

- Kmp Smoke Show



Pryme Fire Hazard

- Pryme She's Got Assets

- Cocoa Rose



- Pryme Here Kitty Kitty

- Springvalley Full of Sass

- Springvalley Paint the Town Red

- Springvalley Gretchen

- #210

- #162

- #600

Pryme Eggstra Sexy

- Pryme Kiss of Danger

-Pryme Eggstra Sexy


- Pryme Voted Best Dressed

- #620

- #621

- #628

- #629

Pryme Pure Profit

- Pryme Honeymoon in Vegas

- Pryme Pleasure's All Mine

- Pryme Mama's Legacy

- Pryme Drunk on You

- Pryme Let's Get it On


New Buck from the Stuart Chutter Herd in SK. More info to come!

Kids to arrive in May from this buck.

- Pryme Pretty as a Peach

- Pryme Boots N' Hearts

- Pryme Pleasure Party

- Pryme Be a Big Star