Pryme Boers - Breeding/Kidding Schedule

Updated January 6th, 2017

The 2017 Kidding Season is getting set to begin! Each new year brings a new and improved generation! It really is the most exciting time with endless potential.

The 2018 Kidding season will take place January/February 2018. Our lead herd sires are:

Pryme Cowboys and Angels and Pryme Pure Profit.

Both sires are complete combinations of years of our very best and most profitable genetics combined with the sought after conformational traits that keep us your go-to producer for leading replacement stock.

Looking Forward to Serving You All For Another Year!

Herd tested 100% CAE Negative.


Name of Sire Purebred Reg'd Does Bred Percentage Reg'd Does BredCommercial Crossbred Does Bred