Pryme Boers

Our target animal is a show quality Boer and those are the animals we strive to offer to the industry. We like going to the barn and being proud of every animal we put feed in front of. We expect our does to work hard and earn an income but who says hard working animals can't be sensational to look at too!

We stratigically choose bucks and does that come from lines of consistency, both in producing fast gaining offspring and in following the breed standard very closely. We require our goats to do as well in the herd as they do in the showring. We believe in producing breeding stock that looks fantastic but works as hard as any respectable commercial animal would.

We strive for does that kid out and raise their babies independently and efficiently. Upon weaning their kids, we want them to come back into condition quickly as we do maintain an aggressive breeding schedule.

The Pryme Herd

Year to year we look for distinct improvements over each crop of kids. Consistency is very important but so too is steady progression. Conforming to the breed standard is essential and culling hard is prudent for building an elite herd of show quality and breeding stock Boer goats.

Our clients look to Pryme Boers for new leaders in their herds, goats that will truly give them top performance while at the same time offer them the pride that comes from owning a showy and classy animal.

We pride ourselves on top notch management, record keeping and herd operations. We pay stong attention to details specific to each animal in our herd. It is important to us that each animal in our herd and each animal we sell has the best of care and circumstances neccessary for top performance.

Our goats are on a consistent vaccination and deworming schedule and constant attention is paid to any health changes in the goats as we take a great deal of pride in maintaining a healthy herd. We are mainly a dry lot operation which we have found to be of great value in terms of parasite control, foot health, air quality, and the general health of our animals.