Goats For Sale

Updated May 8th, 2018

***** We are selling approx. 6 - 8 mature does if you are looking for some herd building animals. Good, sound, productive animals ready to be bred back at your convenience. Percentage and Purebred Registered.*****

The 2018 Kidding season took place January/February 2018. Our lead herd sires are:

Pryme Cowboys and Angels and Pryme Pure Profit.

Both sires are complete combinations of years of our very best and most profitable genetics that perform combined with the sought after conformational traits that keep us your go-to producer for leading replacement stock.

Looking Forward to Serving You All For Another Year!

Herd tested 100% CAE Negative as of 2017.


We Make It Our Business to Offer and Sell Our BEST!! It is our secret to repeat business and longevity in the industry! Besides that, seeing our clients succeed with 'Pryme' stock just gives us pure satisfaction. But don't take our word for it.....Ask Around! We stand behind what we sell and we do not disappear after the sale.

Terms & Conditions on Breeding Stock Sales:

~ All animals are vaccinated up to date.

~ Registration papers provided by seller.

~ Animals are guaranteed to be breeding sound. Guarantee is null and void if a female is subject to any surgical or hormonal reproduction techniques after leaving our farm. Guarantee is also null and void if animal is not receiving proper care/nutrition.

~ We do not guarantee live kids from animals sold as bred animals.

~ We test sires and dams for CAE.

~ Additional health testing available at the buyer's expense.

~ Transportation is to be arranged by the buyer.

~ Animals are considered reserved upon receipt of a 50% deposit and sold upon payment in full.

~ Prices subject to change (if animal is not already reserved), as animals mature, and without notice.

~ Please make cheques payable to 'Pryme Farms Inc'.


Our Animals perform in the East, they perform in the West, and they perform everywhere in between!! We raise them to work and they will not fall apart when they become part of your herd no matter what region of Canada you farm in!