Pryme Mini Aussies and Mini Americans

If you are in search of a companion that is the picture of beauty and devotion then you can relax, you have found the right place!! We are dedicated to producing our a companion that brings pure joy to your home and is pleasing to the eye! A dog that you will be proud of!



It has been wonderful this past few years to make this natural addition to our farm operation.

Miniature Australian Shepherds/Mini Americans are a perfect fit not only for our family but for our farm as well. With an ongoing daily need for herding help we need a canine companion that earns its keep and works side by side with us. On a family level we desire a breed that has energy yet is not hyper. Most importantly to us is a dog that is level headed with children and new visitors. The mini Aussie and mini American breeds meets all of our ideals!

When choosing our foundation dogs we took the task very seriously and sourced from the best proven genetics in the breed. We have continuously improved those genetics and can offer you the cream of the crop!!

When you visit our farm, our canine family will greet you and you will notice right away that they are the ultimate personalities and not just your average dogs.

We are a small breeder with a focus on conformational quality, sound health, and good family and farm dogs that are true to breed standard. When we produce puppies it is with planning and purpose and we pour our hearts into the best of health care and socialization of each and every pup.

That's how we can guarantee that you will adore 'Pryme' puppies. By the time a 'Pryme' puppy goes home with their new family they have become very familiar with equipment noises, sudden sounds, cats, other dogs, a variety of livestock (goats, sheep, poultry, cattle) and children of various ages including a special needs child. They have been handled by a wide range of people visiting our farm and we've had them out away from home as well. They've been out playing in the pasture, the water, and exploring the wonders of the's no wonder our families always report how level headed, confident, and calm their puppy is. We pride ourselves on providing you with your dream companion! Many families have more then one Pryme puppy in their home and this repeat business is the surest sign that we are producing the ultimate dog!


We are active in breed clubs and enjoy showing our dogs and participating in events.

The biggest highlight though is that our dogs enjoy the best of farm living! Swimming, running in the woods and pastures, being adored by the children, and socializing with livestock is part of everyday's agenda!!